Bracket Losers

Hate to start a Friday dropping bombs on bracket losers. But the one and doners left me no choice.

SETON HALL-  Now you’re done.

BAYLOR- Boom outta here.

COLORADO – Pack your bags!

ARIZONA-  World needs plenty of bahtendahs.

And PURDUE, I saved the best for you – TIME TO Die.

As always, Domes are rolling after Day 1.

I don’t feel bad for the Boilermakers. Not when they blew a 13-point lead to Little Rock with less than 3-and-a-half to play.

But I do feel for a few teams… The ones that drew juggernauts who had a totally jacked up seed. There’s something to what John Calipari said seeing that he was a four, and looking up at Texas A-M who they beat just hours before: it’s not so much that the Committee jammed them as much as it jammed someone else, who has to play them. Make no mistake, he was complaining about A-M being a 3, and the BBN being a 4 despite just beating the Aggies; but he is right, there is a domino effect; and if he’s getting jammed, someone who is going to have to run into him earlier than they should have had too. Ask Arizona’s Sean Miller.

Wichita State had to play in, and there they were, a brutal match up for Zona in the first round. Gimme a break with Wichita State getting an 11. And give Sean Miller and his see-through shirt a break too.

Hey Memers – if you broke your back all season, earned a 6 seed, and then got the freaking Shockers in the first round – you’d be starring in a wet t-shirt contest too. And I love that it was billed as “breaking news” that the Arizona Head Coach threw on a new shirt during halftime. It was obvious. He went from looking like a dude who got pushed into a pool… To making an assistant coach Uber to Nordstrom during halftime. It was about the only adjustment he could make against Wichita State. It was about the only adjustment that worked against Wichita State.

And how do you think poor Stony Brook felt? They drew a 13… and typically you think – a 13-4 upset? I’m into it. That can happen. Not against Kentucky it can’t. That was a game for about 4 possessions. Kentucky looked like a 4 in the NCAA tournament, about as much as the Spurs look like a 5 in the Western Conference playoffs.

Scrappy Chattanooga got the same treatment. Probably so pumped to deliver a 12-5 upset, and then got their faces stepped on by an Indiana team that looked like a 1. That beatdown was just as bad as the 16-1 games yesterday, and those were horrible.

But what’s more jacked up – that Chattanooga drew a dominant 5 in IU, or that IU’s reward is playing UK? Answer- all of the above. There wasn’t a team in the country yesterday who looked better than the Cats or Hoosiers. The two of them should be playing in the Elite 8. Yesterday they flashed game that could win the whole damn thing. But either John Calipari or Tom Crean are going home in the round of 32. You’re complaining about your bracket being ruined? Imagine if you coached one of the best teams in it, and got bounced after 2 games? I hope the equipment bros have extra undershirts for Cal and Crean – because as ridiculous as it sounds, one of them’s not even tasting the Sweet 16.


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