A Nice Night For The Spurs

If you scroll through the weekend scores… So many losses jump off the phone: Utah. Kentucky. West Virginia. The Warriors.

About the only thing that could draw eyeballs away from the Madness this weekend is a 62-6 team getting locked up for 79 points in a loss.

The Warriors are on a historic pace, they’re gunning for the ’96 Bulls. But they just got smacked by the 2016 Spurs.

It was Professor Popovich sicking the dogs on Steph Curry, throwing the greaseboard at the MVP with every possible matchup. Pop barely played Tim Duncan at all, because he was throwing everybody from Danny Green to Boris Diaw to Kawhi Leonard into Steph’s lap every time he touched it. They hit him hard, the refs let them play, Steph had his worst game of the season, and San Antonio rolled. Credit. Respect.

It was brass. But it was not the Spurs cutting the head off the Golden State snake. They did not just “figure out” the Warriors. No code was just cracked. Every other team they’ve played has tried to get physical with Curry. The Spurs were just better at it, and they did it on the right night. Curry was 1-12 from beyond the arc. His worst game of the season.

Look, everyone has a bad night shooting it; even the guy who does it better than anyone ever has.

And I don’t want to go all Philip Jackson on the Spurs and break out an asterisk; you earned that win, Spurs Fan. But you did beat a Warriors team that was without A Bogut, Iguodala and Ezeli, so I’m not going to be “Re-Adjust My Power Rankings Guy” either.

So Spurs fan… What I’m saying is, don’t come in here today and tell me the Warriors “You’re not that gooooooood!” because they are. And so are you. But you beat Golden State, at home, without three of their key dudes on a night when the best shooter to ever live couldn’t hit a shot. Beat them in Oracle and I’ll dap you a lot more. Beat them 4 times in the playoffs and I’ll hype you like crazy.

But you’ve been through enough battles to know that you didn’t just knock out Golden State. You just knocked them around a bit. It was a nice night for the Spurs. But I’m not throwing dirt on the Warriors. It’s March. San Antonio has them 2 more times over the next 3 weeks. We’ll see. Pick up a schedule and put down your shovel.


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