Northern Iowa Goes Schizo

Best opening weekend ever? Don’t tell that to anybody in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Because their boys on Northern Iowa are going home, after going schizo. Imagine how hard those cats are tripping after that weekend. They jump out Friday against Texas and do this.


Just a mid-court runner to beat the buzzer. Greatest party ever. Top of the world. If that’s all they did in the tournament- those dudes can remember that for the rest of their lives.

I mean, there’s nothing that could happen in the second round to overshadow that right? How do you dash the memory of a 40-foot winner with 0 seconds on the clock? How about blowing a 12-point lead with 35 seconds on the clock. Northern Iowa did it against Texas A&M. They did the impossible.

I wasn’t a math major, but there’s no possible way a team could blow that big of a lead in 35 seconds. Especially when they got a bucket in the middle of the meltdown.

And yet, what’s the tournament about? Teams FINDING A WAY. And Northern Iowa found a way-  by turning it over 4 times and giving up 6 buckets. By giving up as many baskets to A&M in 35 seconds as they gave up over the entire first half. That’s incredible. And that was your “car crash in slo motion moment.”

You could see the car skid out and hit the embankment. When even the old tried and true “Slam the ball off the other dude’s leg as you’re going out of bounds” move isn’t working… You’re probably collapsing. Northern Iowa went from no chance of losing. To no timeouts. To no breathing. To no pulse. Quoting A&M Head Coach Billy Kennedy: “Still really don’t know what happened… I mean, c’mon man.”

Right?! I watched it. And I still don’t really know what happened. And neither does the guy who won! It was statistically the worst collapse in college hoop history. I didn’t say in the history of the tournament. In the history of the SPORT.

And I can’t imagine how Northern Iowa answers the “How was your weekend” question. Because half of it was incredible.

If their tournament was a Vegas trip… They were owning the craps table and getting comped the Rainman Suite on Friday… Only to get mugged, miss their flight at McCarran and left in a gutter behind Circus Circus on Sunday. In the span of 48 hours… they had the best moment of their lives, and the nastiest college basketball car accident of all time. I mean c’mon man.


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