A Stat Line For The Ages

Leave it to LeBron. On the same night he gets a win by carrying his team, he gets heat for unfollowing his team.

LBJ’s Monday Night stat line is one for the ages: 33 points. 11 boards. 11 assists. 1 blowout win over Denver. 1 unfollowing of the Cavs on Twitter. 1 “Next Question.” And 1 walk-off from reporters.

Wait I got one more question: Is that what you call striving for greatness out here? Because that’s not what I call an unfair question. You unfollowed the Cavs official accounts on Twitter AND Instagram. You trolled your own team. More people follow you than watch the NBA Finals. You’re going to get asked about it, Bron.

And you can’t have it both ways. You can’t just pander for internet attention with your subtweets, your little motivational successories’ quotes, and your tweaking workout vids… and then expect not to get asked about this.

Especially when there’s always an air of paranoia about you skipping town again, and you slam the unfollow button on the team you came back to win with.

What is that- the silent treatment? That’s either some contrived strategic move, or just a giant call for attention. You know what should be your call for attention- dropping that triple double and clinching the division.

Cleveland.com quotes a source close to Bron who says the unfollowing was just the start of his social media shutdown before the playoffs. What he calls “Zero Dark 23,”… He just went Zero Dark 23 on his town team! But still follows Macklemore and Elaine Benes, but he’ll unfollow the team he came home to lead to a championship.

And looking at the Cavs feed- it’s just one big timeline of hype for you, King. How’s that getting in your head?

Bron – you say your tweets are for “the educated mind.” Well let me educate you on Twitter. Unfollowing notable accounts makes a lot of waves. It ends relationships. Let me introduce you to something called the MUTE button. Learn it. Use it. Live it.

We all have accounts we don’t want to see. I’ve been running my own Zero Dark shutdown for years. But the fact that you’re not even bothering to mute, just says that you’re trying to send some kind of message, and that you live for the attention.

In fact- You LIVE for it! And You Die for it! Well you got it. Now stand there and answer a question about it, cuz


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