Team Bat Flip

I can’t lie- I’m fired up for the MLB season. Somebody hit me with a countdown clock, because I think we’re 11 days from Opening Day.

And this one feels a little different. Because all the big dogs are choosing sides in the Bryce Harper bat flip revolution.

Harper started something a couple weeks back when he said baseball is a tired game that needs more personalities. I agreed with him. Especially about allowing guys to show emotion, pump their fist, and flip their bat.

So the battle lines have been drawn. You’re either Team Bat Flip or Team Nap Out.

Mike Trout says it disrespects the pitcher. Johnny Bench says if Bryce wants to flip his bat, he should get some chin music back. Adam Dunn has hit 462 home runs, but says guys pimping them turns a team game into an individual sport.

Yeah, and Team Nap Out turns it into a lifeless, boring sport.

Can somebody from The Bat Flip Nation pick me up??  Big Papi – what do you got? “If I take you deep and pimp the shit out of it, that should be motivation for you to try and get me out in my next at-bat, instead of just talking shit… Respect? Respect my (ass?)”

MY MAN!!! And for anybody shaking your head at that- tell me you’re not excited to see his first at-bat? Or to see Harper’s first jack? If Bryce is leading this movement, Papi is his Sergeant at Arms.

And he’s qualified. 500+ homers and the slowest trot since the Bambino. And he’s right. If he launches one to deep right, flips his bat on the way to the dug-out and takes 2-minutes to even reach first base… Then the pitcher should soak that in, stew in it, strike him out 3 innings later and have go nuts right there on the mound. You earned it.

That’s the thing about guys who hit a ton of bombs. They strike out a lot. You’ll get your shot. As long as you don’t completely come unraveled because a guy just did the hardest thing in sports and had the audacity to feel good about it.

Can’t wait for Opening Day. And the only thing better than watching Team Nap Out throw a fit, will be a lieutenant of Team Bat Flip throwing a party.

Buy me some peanuts and pimped out jacks. Play ball.


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