MMA Is Headed For The Mecca

MMA is finally headed for The Mecca. After a 19-year ban, the New York State Assembly passed a bill yesterday that will legalize mixed martial arts in the Empire State.

And they kicked it off with a fight right there on the assembly floor. The same fight I’ve been watching for the last decade or so right here on this show. The brawl between MMA and the noobs, snobs, and neophytes, who attack it by making the same old, tired comparisons. It’s as if a bunch of Clones who say MMA is part bar fight / part hump fest… Put on suits, pretended to be elected officials and brought Drowning Pool with them. All the takes came flying in. MMA is “barbaric.” MMA has no place in “civilized society.” And then Assemblyman Charles Barron broke out the heavy lumber saying – MMA harkens back to a time when slaves were “thrown in a cage” and forced to fight. Totally. Except in this case the quote “slaves” are paid huge amounts of money, and are dying to get into the cage. Very appropriate, informed comparison though.

I’m actually shocked the old stand-by term “human cockfighting” wasn’t used. But this one was, by Rosie O’Donnell’s brother: “Gay porn.” Democratic Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell, an openly gay man himself, did a little research. “I thought I should learn a little bit about MMA. Well, I should really like it. You have two nearly naked, hot men trying to dominate each other. That’s gay porn with a different ending.”

Yeah- and a different beginning, and a different middle, and a different EVERYTHING. Because I’ve seen a ton of MMA fights. I’ve seen them end with strikes and submissions. I’ve never seen a single one ending with sex and passion. O’Donnell concluded his remarks by saying he was going to go “take a cold shower.”

And then maybe take another look at the sport you just voted against. You might say you learned a little bit, it’s time to learn a little more. It’ll be easy – because it’s coming to New York, so you and your colleagues can be cage-side for that “porn.”


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