Grayson Haters

And as you might imagine, Duke haters were really coming for one dude, Grayson Allen. Obviously, if that turns out to be Grayson’s last college game – then that was a Hollywood walk-off.

Because I’ve said it before – it’s like he was built in a Tobacco Road laboratory specifically to be hated by Duke fans.

They’ve had a lot of great players, but there haven’t been many greater targets than Grayson. It’s so perfect, it’s almost like he’s in on it.

Like – we’re not going to beat the Ducks. Let me see if I can beat #HappyEaster and #1YearWithoutZayn on Twitter.

This dude is a master. First – he blows off the roof by getting “tripped” and falling on his face.

That set off every joke imaginable, about Grayson’s last trip to the showers. Have a nice trip. Enjoy the trip home.

And then like a rockstar coming out for of an encore-  Grayson stiffed an opponent trying to hug it out after the loss. Up 11 in the final seconds with the shot clock running down, Oregon’s Dillon Brooks launched a 25 footer, buried it, and then Grayson stiff-armed him and enraged the masses.

And if that wasn’t enough of a reason to go for the Duke haters, Brooks reportedly getting an on-court lecture from Coach K about the shot, was.

I didn’t have a problem with it. It wasn’t like Brooks drove the lane, threw down a screw you windmill and then hung on the rim and dabbed for the cameras. He was about to take a shot clock violation, he threw up a prayer- it went in. That wasn’t rubbing Duke’s face in it.

But what I do I know? Grayson cold shouldering him better be in One Shining Moment, because it was the pinnacle of a Hall of Fame villain career. If trolling was balling- then Grayson is one of the best the NCAA tournament has ever seen. Alcindor. Walton. Grayson. We’ll see how he hangs in the Association, but he’s already a legend on social networking.


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