Coolest Look Ever

Nova’s game winner drops… and while 300 million people are screaming at their TVs, one dude standing courtside didn’t even change expressions. Jay Wright ripped two titles last night: National Champion, and coldest look for a head coach in history.

I could keep hyping Jay Wright as one of the best coaches in the country. I could trot out his resume with the Final Fours, the Coach of the Year awards and the Big East titles. I could dap him up huge for the way he coached last night – how he adjusted to Kris Jenkins playing just 21 minutes because of foul trouble, neutralized the Tarheel bigs and turned the title game into a shooting contest.

I could hype him for outcoaching one of the best ever in Roy Williams. If I wanted to, I could praise him for how he kept his team together when Carolina battled back and brilliantly drew up the game-winner.  I could do all of that. And more.

But I don’t need to do any of it. All you need to know about how cold-blooded  Jay Wright is… you can learn in a 5-second Vine of him reacting to winning a national championship. Jenkins buries the shot, shuts down the entire country, and Coach Wright reacts like –  Yep. That’s how we roll. What, like it wasn’t going in? Now, if you don’t mind, Get outta my face and fetch me some net scissors.

Wright reacts like a guy who just got his number called at the deli counter. National champs? No big deal. In fact, as the shot’s in the air, he appears to mouth the word “Bang” and give a little shrug. What a freaking boss.

Never mind the Crying Jordan meme. The 45 homage that owned the night was Coach Wright doing the MJ shrug. Only his was better. Mike did his because he pulled some 3s out of his backside in Game 1 of the Finals. Jay Wright got his shrug on 2 seconds after winning a national title. BANG.

We’ve seen the entire spectrum of human emotion from championship coaches. Most just smile and hug their assistants. Some freak out and fist bump. The Nicktator looks all angry like he wants to fight someone. Jay Wright looks like it’s business as usual.

I’ve freaked out 100x harder watching my son hit a gapper in little league than Jay Wright did winning a title over UNC. Coolest look ever.

We all love Jimmy V running around looking for somebody to hug. I love Jay Wright strutting off like he doesn’t even NEED a hug. BANG.


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