Holy Bleep NOVA!

Let me start today with a question: What. The. Hell. Just. Happened? This happened – roll it.


Holy Bleep NOVA!! That sucker was over 12 hours ago and Kris Jenkins still brings the adrenaline. And as far as what the hell just happened – Nova-UNC bookended the best NCAA opening weekend in history… With 5 of the best seconds in all of sports history.

Villanova is your national champ because they have a brass pair and don’t give a damn. You get the sense that if Jenkins had needed to hit an 80 footer at the buzzer… He would have done it.

Every face in every meme and every Vine was frozen in shock when that thing splashed, but really, it wasn’t a shock at all. It’s what Villanova does.

It was incredible. But in a way, it was predictable. Have you been watching these dudes? They’re about doing what they’re not supposed to. A team that’s not loaded with lottery guys isn’t supposed to blow out Iowa and embarrass Miami. The team that bracket tools picked to bow out in the second round wasn’t supposed to shock Kansas and embarrass Oklahoma. And when you’re playing a juggernaut like North Carolina and you blow a 10 point lead in the final minutes… You’re not supposed to survive. Especially when they’re jammed with NBA guys, when their coach has two national titles, when their immortal alumnus in the hoop earring is in the building, and when you finally lose that lead on one of the biggest shots in the history of the title game.


How about Marcus Paige?  Dude balled his ASS off. 8 points in the final 90 seconds. And he held the honor of making the clutchest shot in title game history… For 4.7 seconds. That shot was supposed to close One Shining Moment. That double-clutch special was supposed to be the shot of the century. It wasn’t even the shot of the night.

Because Villanova just does not trip. A college kid takes a gut punch like that – he’s supposed to say Damn! Maybe this isn’t meant to be. Oh well let’s give it our best in OT.

Villanova said to hell with that, let’s end it right now and start the party.

Paige makes that 3… and instead of ending the night seeing shots of Nova kids crying on the floor, they were cutting down the nets. So brass.

I said it yesterday – I don’t root, but it would be cool to see Villanova win. It wasn’t cool. It was all-time incredible.

I never imagined they would win like THAT. Those dudes and Jay Wright are the only ones who did.

I’m paid to be objective, but I’m also human… And best believe when Kris Jenkins splashed, just like the rest of the country I was jumping off the couch. Bleeping insane title game.


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