Nobody’s Hiring You, Greg

I’m not going to give more than about 60 seconds to Greg Hardy. Apparently that’s more than NFL teams are giving him right now, because he’s still without a gig, so apparently he thought it was a good idea to sit down on ESPN and clear up some of the rap on him. Namely, that he’s a vile woman beater.

Not So, says Hardy, who said quote “I’ve never put my hand on any women. IN my whole entire life, No sir.”

So what- then – you head butted them? You kicked them? Is that Hardy’s idea of a joke?  I ask because it’s the same guy who returned from suspension after throwing a woman onto a futon of guns and said he hopes to come out “Guns blazing.”

Then he explained that he wouldn’t hurt women because he’s from the Bible Belt, and that’s just not how folks are raised. As if being from a certain state makes you immune from domestic violence. North Carolina is in the bible belt. That’s the state in which you were convicted by a judge of beating Nicole Holder. The same state where all her injuries were photographed. But he’s got an answer for that. “I will stop you there and say that I didn’t say that I didn’t do anything wrong. That situation occurred and that situation was handled but.. saying that I did nothing wrong is a stretch but saying I am innocent is correct. Yes sir.”

Does anyone even know what this guy is talking about? I didn’t say I didn’t do anything wrong… but saying that I am innocent is correct. It’s like he’s turning domestic violence into some ridiculous Who’s On First routine.

I’m tired of talking about it. I’m really tired of hearing about it. And obviously so is Steve Smith Sr, who tweeted “So I guess she tripped on the carpet or something”

Honestly I’m surprised Hardy didn’t go with that. Give him enough time, he will.

Hey Greg -. Nobody’s buying it. Nobody’s hiring you. “Let me stop you there” and tell you to stop talking


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