Unofficial Opening Day Winner

Championship Night in college basketball tagged Opening Day for most of baseball. And for anybody who hates on baseball for being slow, I can tell you this-  this season didn’t start slow at all.

This won’t be one of those years where we have to wait months for the big stars to say or do anything; for any fat storyline to develop. There were big time fireworks all over MLB yesterday, starting with the dude who’s always launching them. I’m going to crown Bryce Harper as your unofficial Opening Day winner.

The reigning MVP and Crown Prince of Team Bat Flip gave us everything you either love or hate about the guy yesterday. First he was boo’d big time by the Atlanta Braves fans, and responded by giving a big dramatic wave like a perfect pro wrestling heel. And then, right on cue… he steps in and launches a jack on his first at bat of the season.

Ridiculous Bryce Harper Stat: That’s the FOURTH opening day home run of his career. Dude is 23 years old. And notice- he didn’t flip the bat afterwards. Because it wasn’t worthy.

Don’t confuse a guy who’s Team Bat Flip with some bag who is out there flipping it every single game. There’s a time for flipping. And a first inning home run in April is not that. I like that he didn’t flip the bat. And I love that he rocked the hat.

After the game Bryce rocked a lid that said MAKE BASEBALL FUN AGAIN. I get why people hate Bryce Harper. I can even get why some people hate Baseball. But no way in hell do I hate the reigning MVP rocking a lid about making the game fun again. Because – it’s not just some slogan. He’s DOING It.  One day into the season and he’s already the game’s most entertaining player.

Again – hate Harper, but I respect that he’s not backing down from his take that baseball’s a tired game. You may want to burn that hat, but Bryce is doing exactly what that hat says on it. And he’s going to do it all year.

And while starting the season with a bomb might not be a reason to flip, doing it after he gets his ass booed to start the season, was extremely bad ass.


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