4/6/2016 Warriors, Peyt, Arcidiacono

Hour 1

The Warriors Get T-Wolved | Bret Bielema (College Football) Interview | Ryan Arcidiacono (College Basketball) Interview


Hour 2

Barry Trotz (NHL) Interview | Jim’s Drink Of Choice Options | Jeff Passan (MLB) Interview


Hour 3

Uncle And Aunt Talk | History Of The Guessing Game | Guessing Game



Ryan Arcidiacono

Villanova guard on being a national champion: “It’s an unbelievable feeling.”


Barry Trotz

Washington Capitals head coach on the Stanley Cup playoffs: “Intensity is so high.”


Bret Bielema

Arkansas head coach on his personality: “I just know how to be me.”


Jeff Passan

Yahoo Sports MLB columnist on today’s game: “Old school doesn’t work anymore with replay.”



The Warriors Get T-Wolf’d

All’s right with the Warriors.
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Who’s Up Next?

I don’t know what’s going on, maybe I’m missing the new Twitter joke, maybe I’m misreading some trolling, but for two straight nights – we’ve had a national champ get crowned, and a household name get it wrong.
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New Slide Rule

I’m betting when MLB instituted its new slide rule at second base, the powers that be were hoping it would take a while before the rule cost somebody a game. And it did.
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