New Slide Rule

I’m betting when MLB instituted its new slide rule at second base, the powers that be were hoping it would take a while before the rule cost somebody a game. And it did. All of 3 days. Toronto lost last night to Tampa when umpires ruled that Joey Bautista was called for interfering at second base.


It took just 3 games into the season for a walk-off reversal and a full-scale culture war about wussification. We’re getting fire and nukes from The Goose Gossage nation. They’re on fire this morning, and lighting up baseball for making the game soft.

And who’s leading the charge? None other than the guy who thought he had won a game last night only to have it ripped from him, Jays manager, John Gibbons, quote: “Are we trying to turn the game into a joke? Maybe we’ll come out wearing dresses tomorrow. Maybe that’s what everybody’s looking for.”

Nah skip, MLB’s just looking for a legitimate slide, and your guys not going out of their way to take out the infielder.

You know- like reaching out and grabbing his foot like Joey Bats did. Never mind dresses- wear some glasses. And watch a replay.

You can have a problem with the rule, but not the call. You may think the rule is all jacked up, but the call wasn’t. Bats slid clear past the bag, which the rule prohibits. And again, while Bautista didn’t knock Logan Forsythe into left field, he did grab his foot.

Again, no matter how whack you think the rule is, it is a rule and it says you can’t do that. Slide into the bag, stay on the bag, and don’t go out of your way to take a dude out. That’s it. Little leaguers do it all the time. Big leaguers will figure it out.

Old Timers can hate it. But nobody really wants to see another Ruben Tejada getting his leg snapped. I know you think it’s about the whole sport going to hell in a hand basket, but really it’s about another shortstop not going to the hospital. And… at least we’re not going to be talking about this for the next 7 months.


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