Carlos Correa: ‘the way fans perceive the game could be even more fun’

Reigning American League Rookie of the Year Carlos Correa isn’t one who agrees that the sport of baseball is dying. However, the Houston Astros’ star shortstop told Jim Rome on The Jim Rome Show that players could help the sport’s popularity if they were allowed to be themselves.

“We’ve got young players, we’ve got a lot of different personalities,” Correa said. “There are some players that show it, right now there are some players that don’t, there are some players that keep it classy. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I feel like people should be able to show their personalities and I feel like the way fans perceive the game could be even more fun, because baseball is fun. But the way fans perceive it, it could be a lot more fun.”

Correa thinks the entire sport could gain a boost in popularity if the players didn’t have such a strict dress code.

“We have these types of rules where we can only wear team colors and we can only wear black and whites, 50 percent black and all this stuff,” Correa said. “In football, Odell Beckham wears whatever he wants, whatever colors he wants, whatever designs he wants. Same with Steph Curry and LeBron James; it’s all over social media, the fans get involved with it, the fans talk about it on social media, and that’s why basketball and football are always so popular too.”

Already one of the sports’ most marketable players, the 21-year-old thinks uniform and cleat changes would be a huge success online.

“I feel like we can add more color to our spikes, we can have more style to our spikes and you know the fans will get involved in that too, because you don’t see many – any spikes, baseball spikes – going on social media and people talking about them,” Correa said. “I feel like we can change that. I feel like I can change that now with my deal with Adidas. I threw up my first spikes the other day and people liked them in social media, so I feel like that can be something good for baseball.”


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