They Going After It

I tried to tell you – there’s nothing wrong with the Warriors. They got a little stir crazy, a little bored, a little bit of regular season senioritis. And then they got over it and slapped San Antonio to grab 70 wins.

What’s wrong with the Warriors? They’re 70-9. What’s wrong with YOU?

I love this take that the Warriors aren’t peaking at the right time. They’re healthy, they’re focused, and they just double-digited a Spurs team that had only lost 12 times all season. Who’s not peaking? It’s not like the Warriors are coming apart inside the locker room either, they’re all on the same page as they go after Jordan. Now that they’ve locked the 1-seed, Steve Kerr says he’s going to meet with his guys to talk about getting rest vs. Making history. And that meetings going to be about 30 seconds. Especially if Draymond runs it. “to get this far and just kind of tank it and say “Aw, never mind…” Let’s face it, we probably will never get to this point again. …I just told guys, ‘Hey if you need the rest, take the rest, and if you don’t, we going after it.”

Hell yes they are. And they don’t need the rest. Dray’s 26. Klay’s 26. Harrison Barnes is 23.

This isn’t like Way of Wade or Grandpa Duncan needing to rest their old bones before a playoff run. You know what the Warriors rest is going to be? The fourth quarters of their first rounds series when they’re up 20. I get why Steve Kerr is considering resting them, but there’s no way they’re going to allow it.

Just like Mike and Scott and Worm would have laughed at Philip if he ripped history from them 20 years ago.

The Warriors looked great last night. They’ve looked great for 70 nights. I think the only thing that could rattle them is benching them and ripping their shot at 73 from. I don’t think Kerr will do it. Dray says We Going After it and they should.

Getting that record and a ring aren’t exclusive.  Why does it have to be one or the other.  It doesn’t and it isn’t. After seeing what they did to the Spurs last night, I don’t see any reason why they can’t finish both.



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