4/11/16 Willett, Warriors, Masters

Hour 1

Masters | Warriors Record | Danny Willett (PGA) Interview


Hour 2

Robert Lusetich (PGA) Interview |Carson Wentz (NCAAF) Interview | Spieth Collapse

Hour 3

Johnny Manziel | Geno Call | Will Smith Dead



Danny Willett

Danny on getting the jacket from Jordan Spieth: “He handled himself like a true gentleman.”


Robert Lusetich 

Robert on Jordan Spieth collapse: “Greg Norman’s collapse was worse.”


Carson Wentz

Carson on being comfortable: “Being comfortable is the worst thing to happen in life.


Shocking Spieth Collapse

Where anything and everything can and will happen at the Masters, I’m not sure we’ve ever seen an implosion as swift, complete and catastrophic as what happened to the defending champ, Jordan Spieth yesterday.
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Willett Earned It

You know Danny Willett’s a good dude, because your 2016 Masters Champ isn’t getting the run he deserves. Nearly everyone is talking about the way Jordan Spieth lost as opposed to the way Willett won.
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Classy Spieth

You know that old motivational phrase – Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you react to it. It’s something RG3 would tweet. But it’s also something we just saw from Jordan Spieth.
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Unsafe Record

There are some numbers you can throw up on a wall and know they’re never coming down. Cy Young’s 511 wins. Wilt’s 100 points.
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Get Your Life Together, Bro

Johnny Manziel says he’s living with Von Miller and working hard to get his life together. In a vacuum, it’s exactly the kind of message we’ve been waiting for from Manziel for 2 years now.
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