Classy Spieth

You know that old motivational phrase – Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you react to it. It’s something RG3 would tweet. But it’s also something we just saw from Jordan Spieth. Because not only did he have to walk up 18 knowing he was already wearing his second green jacket, only to have ripped off his back…knowing he blew a shot at history, knowing he could have been the youngest ever to repeat…knowing his entire life changed in nearly an instant…. but he also did it knowing he had to go directly to the Cabin to put that jacket on the dude who ripped it all from him.

And I’m telling you, that was some kind of scene. For such a quote, “gentleman’s game” that jacket ceremony can be a cruel, cold-hearted tradition. To make the last year’s champ, slip that sucker on the guy who beat him, like he’s working at the Men’s department at Nordstrom – it really twists the knife. And that’s in ANY circumstances, let alone the ones we saw yesterday where Spieth’s entire body was still in shock from what just happened. I thought it was bad watching Eldrick and Hefty help each other on with jackets and watch the two of them pretend they didn’t hate each other. I mean, it truly is a tradition unlike any other – in the sense we’d never see it in any other sport. The NFL didn’t make Tom Brady walk onto the podium and hand Peyton Manning the Lamar Hunt trophy. The NBA didn’t make Tim Duncan walk to center court and hand Steph Curry the Larry O’Brien. They should have. Every sport should do it – it’s awesome theater. But it’s brutal for the loser.

That’s why I give Spieth big dap for doing it like a man. Of course he was stone faced. A lot of other guys would be out behind the cabin getting stoned. And yeah, he almost fell over. Yeah because his brain had been without oxygen for over an hour. Dap for not falling over way back on the 12th tee. Spieth was shattered emotionally, fried mentally, but he did the interviews, he paid respect to the new Champ, and he executed the jacket ceremony. Sure, while still on the course, he asked a cameraman to back up so as not to get a shot of the guy who just cracked up. But it’s not like he went all Randy Johnson on the dude. Horrible back 9. Classy post-round. The dude collapsed badly and reacted perfectly. If life is 90% how you react, then for 99% of us the only jacket we’d be looking for after that is a straight jacket.


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