Unsafe Record

There are some numbers you can throw up on a wall and know they’re never coming down. Cy Young’s 511 wins. Wilt’s 100 points. Johnny Vandermeer’s back-to-back no-hitters. And the Chicago Bulls’ 72 wins. No one is taking down that one. EHHHHHH! Golden State just ripped it. All Golden State did yesterday was end the Spurs’ 39 game home win streak. Snap their franchise’s 19-year losing streak in San Antonio. And jump on Mike Jordan’s back 20 years after they had the most dominant season ever. Records are made to be broken? 72-10 wasn’t.  You had the best player ever, maybe the best second man ever, maybe the best coach ever, maybe the best rebounder ever – all on the same team, making a joke out of the league. If any record was safe, it was that one. And now the Warriors are a win away from running right past it.

And the worst they can possibly do is tie it.  72-10 is supposed to be this mythical number that gets thrown out there whenever a  team starts hot or superstars team up. The Big 3 in Boston and The Heatles down in Miami? They could only win 66. The Warriors won #66 over two weeks ago. Shaq and Kobe never won more than 67.  Erv never topped 65.  Teams gas out, they drop parts, they lose focus, they drop a few in a row. These Warriors never even lost two in a row. They’re so tough, so locked in – that when they finally hit 72, they did it against the second best team in the league on the second night of a back-to-back in a building where Golden State hadn’t won since the 90s. And they made it look pretty easy.

Mike and Scott have lorded that 72-mark over the world for 19 years. Now they have 2 more days to enjoy it. Because Wednesday night, Steph and the fellas are going to smash it. Goes without saying – 73 wins in 82 games is man’s Game.


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