4/12/16 Gordon, Elk, Woj

Hour 1

Josh Gordon | Gordon vs Manziel | GNR Calls


Hour 2

Steve Elkington (PGA) Interview | Bizarre Emails |Adrian Wojnarowski (NBA) Interview

Hour 3

Drunk Johnny | C.J. Nitkowski (MLB) Interview | 5 Foul Ball Guy



Steve Elkington

Steve on Jordan Spieth’s collapse: “I don’t know how he could have re-grouped after that.”


Adrian Wojnarowski 

Adrian on Kobe Bryant’s ending: “I am surprised by how at peace he is with all this.”


 C.J. Nitkowski

C.J. on new slide rule: “I hate it. It doesn’t make any sense.”


Calm Down Cubs Fans

I never thought I would really need to tell Cubs fans this  – but have a beer. Relax. Or you’re not going to make it to Memorial Day without a heart attack.
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Manziel And Gordon Bunking

Move aside Montana and Rice. Beat it, Bradshaw and Swann. Aikman and Irvin – now you’re done.  We’ve got one of the greatest, most epic quarterback-wideout combos in NFL history – and they’re living under the same roof!
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Party Bros

Then again, maybe i’m not being totally fair to Josh Gordon. We know Manziel is coming off the rails and is an unmitigated disaster. And Gordon, certainly has been too. But how’s he doing right now?
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