Move aside Montana and Rice. Beat it, Bradshaw and Swann. Aikman and Irvin – now you’re done.  We’ve got one of the greatest, most epic quarterback-wideout combos in NFL history – and they’re living under the same roof!  Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon are bunking up and getting high togetherERRRRRRRRRRRRR getting their lives back together. I said yesterday that I can’t be sure, but Manziel sounded sloshed rambling to TMZ outside that club. How sloshed?  He confused Von Miller with Josh Gordon.

Wait wait, bro, my bad. Did I say I was living with the Superbowl MVP who I played with in college, bro?  Dang bro, I meant, I was couch surfing with a dude who’s been suspended 3x for substance abuse, YOLO, BRO!  

I just wonder why Manziel even bothers going out to the club 5-6 nights in a row. He’s LIVING in one. You have Gordon, who didn’t play one second of the 2015 season. And Manziel, who’s on a mission not to play another second in ANY season.  It’s stories like these that force me to come to 1 of 2 conclusions about Billy Football. Either he’s a complete idiot, tone deaf to all his issues, and flashing the money sign at anyone and everyone just to piss them off.  OR – he’s just a full blown, burn-the-world troll who gets off on making waves and trending.

Why the hell else would he choose to live in Los Angeles with Josh Gordon?  So much for the idea that he was bunking with Von Miller, an Aggie who’s dealt with demons, persevered and is on top of the mountain. On some level, that almost made sense. Almost. Except that it was a straight up lie. Or maybe Billy Football is so jacked up, he really thinks he does live with Miller. But Gordon? You’re supposedly trying to prove to the NFL that you don’t have a problem with alcohol – so you choose to live with a guy who ws suspended all of last year for multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy. And reportedly failed another drug test in the last month.

It’s almost like he thought, what can I do that would be one of the worst looks possible, and the worst thing for my career. The people who hold all the cards for my future, NFL gm’s coaches and owners think I have a substance abuse problem. I know, I’ll move him with a guy, in Hollywood who also has a substance abuse problem. And yet he wants really everyone to think he’s not drunk. To make that decision, you’d have to be. The only way these two should be living together, bro – is wearing gowns and playing ping pong in a treatment facility.

Can we just go ahead and assume this guy’s career is over? That there’s not anyone, anywhere, who thinks this guy belongs anywhere near a football field? I’m afraid his dad is right. Unless this dude wakes the hell up, he’s not going to make it to his next birthday. I don’t know when his birthday is, i just know he’s not going to make it. Not if he’s telling people he lives with Von Miller, and actually does live with Josh Gordon.


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