Party Bros

Then again, maybe i’m not being totally fair to Josh Gordon. We know Manziel is coming off the rails and is an unmitigated disaster. And Gordon, certainly has been too. But how’s he doing right now? We haven’t heard from Josh Gordon in a minute. He hasn’t balled in over a year. Maybe he HAS turned things around. Maybe he IS a good mentor. America loves a comeback!  But, unfortunately, Gordo hates a drug test. Because right on freaking cue he reportedly failed another one.

According to Fox Sports, Josh Gordon failed another NFL drug test last month. Gordon tweeted in response, yesterday afternoon. “Call me if u need a real story worth writing ”  All good, J. The whole world’s already got a story. You failing another drug test, and then flunking an IQ test and letting Billy Football and his band of tools set up shop under the same roof. That crib is a camera crew away from the Real World, West Hollywood. Only on that show, there’s typically only ONE hot mess who can’t handle their partying. This house has two of those characters. Why even stop there, dudes? Float an invite to Troy Smith. Maybe Justin Blackmon could ride his bike over, and Donovan McNabb could ride along on the handlebars.  Greg Hardy’s been looking to work on his image- let him sleep on the pullout. I KNOW Marcus Vick would be down…See what happens. “When people stop being polite, and start getting blasted.” Because obviously if Johnny and Joshy are living in the same place- neither one is serious about playing in the NFL.  They’ve answered that question. Especially if they’re still clubbing and drugging.

No, the only question really is – Who is worse for the other guy’s look? It’s close. They’re both horrible. But I think Billy is worse for Gordo’s. Because we know Gordo has game, and he still technically has a team.  But William? He has a red solo cup and a bunch of club stamps on his hand right next to that Rolex logo. He’s got squat. And now Gordon has that mess for a roommate. Good luck bros. These party boys are 10x more likely to end up on MTV than back in the AFC. Just roll another blunt and roll cameras, bros. Let’s see what happens when bros stop being polite, and start getting blasted.


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