Hour 1

Coachella In California Tonight | Mark In Hollywood Checks In | JPP Pictures 


Hour 2

Kobe’s Legacy | Rick Fox (NBA) Interview | Melo’s Night Off


Hour 3

John Torchetti (NHL) Interview | Mike In Indy Calls In | Frank Isola (NBA) Interview



Rick Fox

Former NBA forward’s feelings on Kobe’s final game tonight: “Little bittersweet.”


John Torchetti

Minnesota Wild head coach on using smelling salts before games: “It fires me up.”


Frank Isola

NY Post writer on Carmelo Anthony: “3rd straight season without a playoff game.”



April Madness

Coachella starts this weekend. But the sports equivalent goes down tonight.
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Kobe’s 81

It feels like you can’t click one page on the Internet today without seeing a list of Kobe’s Best Moments, Kobe’s Greatest Moments, Kobe’s Greatest-Best Moments.
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NBA Gladiator

One legend hangs it up for LA tonight, another one closed the season out like a boss for New York last night.
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