One legend hangs it up for LA tonight, another one closed the season out like a boss for New York last night.

And by like a boss, I mean Carmelo Anthony sat around during the Knicks season finale yawning.

Melo did not go last night for the Knicks. And apparently some folks in The Apple are upset … Because he sat out to due quote “rest.”

What? I’ve taken Melo to task for a lot of his act, and he’s deserved all of it. But slamming an NBA gladiator for just needing a little rest? I don’t get it. Sure, it’s his last game of the year. But it’s never too early to start thinking about next year.

Before you take shots at Melo for “resting” in the season finale… You have to understand how these finely tuned athletes work. They’re racehorses. They need recovery time. Stop thinking about Melo resting in the last game, start realizing that it’s less than 6 months until the NEXT game.

You know how these things go, late October is going to be here before you know it. You don’t want Melo gassed out because he gave you 30 meaningless minutes back in April. This is playing smart.

What- you’ve never taken a rest at your job? You don’t nap in the car? You don’t burn a heater after lunch? Back off.

Besides – the Olympics are coming up. You know Melo’s in on that. The Olympics are the only thing Melo’s actually won since he left the Cuse. Olympic Season is his REAL season. He just goes through 4 months of warmups with the Knicks seasons. And he’s not about to wear his legs out running around with this crap Knicks team.

Look at it this way – he wants to be right when he plays for his country.

Sure, the Knicks are paying him 23 million dollars to lead them… But he’s putting the United States first. Sure, the Olympics are also months away- but again, the guy’s gotta rest up and get right. Giving him hell for that isn’t just wrong, it’s un-American.  If you’re slamming Melo for using the last game of the year to take a rest – it’s time for you to GIVE it a rest.

Never change Melo. Stay the killer that you are. See you in Rio, warrior.

Derrick Rose wanting to be fresh for board meeting and graduations when he’s retired can’t believe the stones on this cat.


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