And how about the Warriors? They break what was thought to be an unbreakable record. And they still weren’t even the biggest story of the night.

Because unlike Bryant’s ridiculous last ride that no one saw coming, we all knew this is how it would go in Oakland. Because this is how it always goes there. These Warriors show up, light it up, and run the other guy out of the gym. Just business as usual.

A buck-125 for the team. And 46 for Steph Curry. In three quarters. Thanks for coming.

That’s an unbelievable accomplishment. And credit to the Warriors for wanting that record, admitting they wanted it and then going out and ripping it. And you can throw 73 up on a wall and forget about it because that one’s never coming down.

But don’t get this twisted. And don’t tell me it will still be as significant if they don’t finish and defend their title. Because it won’t. Period.

Go ask the New England Patriots and then anyone, anywhere if they care that the Pats were the only team in NFL history to finish the regular season 16-0. I hear that, and the first thing I think of is Eli Manning and David Tyree wrecking their world. And so does everyone else.

Win 73 games and don’t win a title, and you’re looking up at someone who won 55 and DID.

Now it’s time to go get it. They’ve got the record. But it won’t mean jack without the ring. And while they won’t tell you that right now, they will as soon as they win it. And they will.

Look, there’s really no way to compare teams from different eras because the game is so different. But if you have the single season record for wins, back to back titles, the back to back MVP and you’re blowing teams out the way they do, it’s tough to argue that they don’t deserve a seat at the table. Or that they’re it.


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