Info & Stats: Sacramento Kings Forward

All Topics: Kobe’s final game | Kobe going off for 60 | Kobe had his rhythm | Meeting Kobe for the first time | Working with Kobe | Kobe coming to Wisconsin and hanging with his family | Kobe’s blackout workouts | His book Tuff Juice becoming a movie | His back story | Steph Curry | Golden State’s 73 victories | Sacramento experience |

Apr 14th 2016

Caron on Kobe going out with 60 points: “Mamba style.”

Oct 1st 2015

All Topics: His new book, Tuff Juice: My Journey from the Streets to the NBA | The role models he saw growing up were drug dealers | Paper route story | Started selling drugs at 11 years old | Quit the paper route to sell drugs | Shoot outs | Getting a gun at 12 years old | Trying to survive | Spending a lot of time in the courtroom as a kid | Being incarcerated | Changing his life | Getting a job at Burger King | Coach Max Good calling him | Kobe Bryant | Bryant writing the forward for his book | Officer Rich Geller | Relationship with Geller | He and Geller going to the White House | Still battling his addiction to Mountain Dew

Caron talks about his new book Tuff Juice: My Journey from the Streets to the NBA.

Apr 19th 2013

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | First round vs. Memphis | Getting home court advantage against the Grizzlies | Peaking at the right time | Breaking his hand in Game 1 of last seasons playoffs vs. Memphis | Feels great | Talent on the team | Wanting to set a standard for the team last year by playing with a broken hand | Clipper organization is about winning now | The locker room is good here | Charles Barkley saying the Clippers have no toughness made him laugh | Proving doubters wrong | Shock television | Memphis style of play | Grind it out against Memphis |

Caron on the 2012-13 NBA Playoffs: “Hopefully May or June we will be holding up a trophy.”

Nov 13, 2012:

Tough Juice on Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao: “That fights got to happen.”

Jun 06, 2012:

Caron on if he thinks Chris Paul will stay with the Clippers after next season: “I really hope so and I’m thinking so.”

Jan 23, 2012:

Caron tells Jim his reaction when he found out the Clippers acquired Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups: “I started breakdancing.”

Dec 29, 2011:

Topics: Fully back 100% | Put a lot of time in his rehab | Feeling of being on the Clippers | Changing the mindset of the team | Good core group of guys | Knows what it takes to be champions | Feeling of the crowd during the exhibition games | Feeling was electric | Team is keeping it fun | Keeping it business and trying to win games | Team chemistry is very important | Stars he wants to be Clippers fans | Wasn’t worried about a lost season | Goals for this season | Not going to sell themselves short | Continue to improve

Jun 03, 2011:

Caron on if he may play in the NBA Finals: “There’s still a chance.”

Feb 25, 2010:

Topics: Missing last night’s game due to allergic reaction | How he is feeling today | Getting out of the “District” | Getting the call from the owner of the Wizards | Off the court issues beating him down | Gun dispute in the locker room | Adjustment on the run in the middle of the season | Helping the Mavs to get some nasty | Being named “Tough Juice” | Telling his teammates to drink some “Tough Juice” | Giving the Mavs another dimension and option late in a game | Taking his straws | No straw policy set up the NBA | Feeling a bit bitter about the rule | Why he chew the straws | Using McDonald’s straws | Finding something new to chew on | Part of it about the look | Kobe making others around him better | Rival Cavs getting a close friend | Not so weird.


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