When 24 walked off that court, that was not just the end of his career. That was the end of a whole generation… But Kobe’s done now, and it’s over now. And this is why even Kobe’s biggest haters are going to miss him more than they know.

Because the NBA now truly belongs to the LeBron types and the banana boaters.

Kobe and KG are really the last of a dying breed.

This generation that runs the league now – of buddy-buddy bros who go on vacation together during the offseason, that’s the new normal. Friends with guys on the other team? Kobe was barely friends with the guys on his OWN team.

Jumping from city to city, referring to rivals who sign with the same shoe company as “family” Kobe was the antithesis of that.

And I don’t mean now, when he’s on his farewell tour, or when he’s loosened up and gotten into social media during the last few years. I mean when he was in his prime, vicious, I’ll kill somebody to win this game – years.

LeBron so badly wants to be loved. If you like NBA stars cut from the Jordan mold, and you prefer your NBAers as cold-blooded killers instead of smiling entertainers- then you’re going to miss Kobe.

I’ve seen people say they’re glad he’s gone. I’ve read tweets saying – Good, I wish he’d left two years ago. I bet you don’t. Because as much as you may have loathed Kobe for jacking it up so often, for breaking up with Shaq, for berating teammates, or anything else you’ve come up with ALL of that… Is still better than this.

Listen to that one time and it makes you want to beg the Buss Family to bring Kobe back. It’s not happening. It’s done. Kobe is finished.

And the league truly belongs to the Banana Boaters, cuz.


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