Give that no one in the NFL, other than Von Miller want anything to do with Johnny Manziel, it was a little shocking to see super-agent Drew Rosenhaus pick him up as a client. Even more shocking, was Rosenhaus firing him downs later, saying he might be open to taking him back if he gets the help he needs.

That had to be rock bottom for Manziel, right? Getting fired by Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus, goes to the mat for his guy and they love him for it. But he’s taken on plenty of dudes with plenty of problems. You know how jacked up you have to be for Drew Rosenhaus to fire you? How jacked up you have to be for any agent to fire you? Players fire agents all the time; agents don’t fire players. Yet, it has happened to Manziel twice now in recent months.

But Rosenhaus seemed to leave the door open saying he’d take him back if he got the help he needed.

So I’m here to help. I’m here to say, in this case, I do have Manziel’s back. Remember when he was popping off to that TMZer, saying “I’m not drinking! I’m not drunk!” Nobody really believed him. But I do now. I’ve got his back. He wasn’t lying. He wasn’t drinking… He was probably drugging.

Big difference, people. Drunk? Nah. Coking? Maybe. Tripping? Possibly. What else are you supposed to believe after he reportedly rented a house in LA and turned it into a drug den.

According to the New York Post – Johnny and his band of tools caused 32-grand in damage to their LA rental, and the realtor who set them up with the place says he arrived at 2pm for inspection. “They were supposed to check out at noon. Manziel was passed out… There was cocaine all over the kitchen table, and mushrooms were still out on the table in front of him. There was booze everywhere… Broken glasses over the floor and a Champagne glass in a tree.”

How do you even get a flute up in a tree – chuck it up there for fun? At least John’s getting some throws in.

Booze is one thing. Weed. But now dude is getting into the psychedelics, too? That’s a different breed of partying.

I don’t think there are going to be legions of NFLers advocating for cocaine use to treat their injuries, and as a way of relieving themselves of the intense pressure that goes along with that gig. I don’t think anyone will be pushing for medicinal blow any time soon.

I’m not going to hear from Shroom Guy – saying it’s a way of life, leave Johnny alone. Or that it’s not nearly as bad for you as liquor like Tree Guy always seels. I don’t know why Manziel bothered going out to the club 5-6 nights in a row. He was LIVING in one.

How little of a damn do you have to give, or how far gone do you have to be… To have shrooms and blow just strewn all over the rental.

This is not a bachelor party who rents an Airbnb, does a crappy clean up job, leaves a few Busch Light cans in the backyard and forgets that the groom puked in the upstairs bathtub. There are pictures of what looks like shrooms and the booger sugar all over the place.

Who’s the bigger idiot here – Manziel for being part of that, or the realtor for actually trusting him with the crib? The Cleveland Browns think you took a bad gamble on this dude. And when he peeled Johnny’s face off the couch at 2pm, I would have loved to be there to hear the excuse.

From the Heisman Trophy and the savior of Cleveland… To a buffet of drugs and a glass in the tree. I knew Billy Manziel was off the rails… Now he may actually be tooting them.



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