A day later, and here in SoCal the price the Rams paid for that first pick isn’t feeling any cheaper.

I swear, each time I refresh my browser to read the details – the Titans add another first round pick.

And yet every time I read it – I respect it.

There are conflicting reports about whether they like Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. And they’re all wrong. Because they don’t “like” either of these guys. They obviously freaking LOVE one of them. You don’t give up 6 draft picks because you feel a guy is “pretty solid” and like his upside.

But again – a day later I find myself liking the move even more. I’m not saying it’s a lock and they have the franchise q.b. everyone is looking for. Let’s face it, while there’s a lot to like about both Wentz and Goff, neither one of these guys is John Elway, or Peyton Manning. Or even Andrew Luck. Hell, let’s be real, they might not even be Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. At least not now. But if you’re giving up what they gave up to get this pick, whoever they pick better be one of those guys.

It’s an enormous risk. But again, not to take it, might be even the bigger risk.

I don’t care how good their defense is, or how much of a star Todd Gurley should be come. They’re not going anywhere without a QB1. And clearly neither Nick Foles or Case Keenum is that guy.

This is a very big swing. It shows the Rams have a pair, and it flashes some excitement. Let’s face it – before Todd Gurley showed up, this team wasn’t showing a whole helluva lot buzz were they. Boring, not very competitive and generally pretty hard to watch. And that’s just with their own fans. The Rams were just a team St .Louis would check-in on while counting down the days to Spring Training. This is an LA move. This is a Hollywood move.

You’re not officially a resident of Los Angeles until you grotesquely overpay for something. 4.50 for a gallon of gas. 18 bucks for a martini. 900 gerr for a 3 bedroom tract house next to a Denny’s. 2 billion for the Dodgers. And the draft day kitchen sink for a franchise signal caller.

Welcome home, LA Rams. I’ve said this for months – you’re nothing in LA without a leading man. You need a name on top of the poster. And that name can’t be Case Keenum. Especially when you have to crash on the couch in USC’s stadium for a few years before you can lure fans into your fat new crib.

What’s the worst that can happen here?

They take a QB who doesn’t work out.They play some D, hang around, and spend the next few years finishing 7-9? That’s ALREADY what they do. And looking at their team before this trade- that’s what they were going to do next year too. So they made a move. They’re tired of waiting around for a franchise quarterback – they’re going out and grabbing it. I respect it. They’re not showing up to LA underdressed. And they’ll be showing up with a shiny new quarterback.

It’s like one of those MasterCard commercials:

Trading all the way up to get the #1 pick: A bleepload of picks.

Playing in Los Angeles for the first time in 2 decades with a quarterback anyone actually cares about: Priceless.

You went all in to get this draft pick. Now don’t butcher it.



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