Hour 1

NBA Game One Beatdowns | Jim’s Hockey Prediction | Bryce Harper Hate 


Hour 2

Ben Golliver (NBA) Interview | Pierre McGuire (NHL) Interview | Ron Jeremy On LeBron


Hour 3

FlatuLance Calls In | Walt Weiss (MLB) Interview | FlatuLance Reaction



Ben Golliver

SI NBA writer on the Cleveland Cavs: “This could be the first time in a while LeBron’s not in the Finals.”


Walt Weiss

Colorado manager on his 2016 team: “A little bit more versatile offensively this season.”


Pierre McGuire

NHL Analyst on the Chicago vs. St. Louis series: “Fantastically well played.”



Game 1 Beatdowns

I’m coming in HOT off the weekend, thanks to the Association. I’ve got the NBA postseason fever.
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Easiest Call Ever

Think the first weekend of playoff games was a big ol nap out? It could be worse-  the NBA MVP could sit out.
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Credit To The Clip Show

For a team that’s had some horrible moments in the playoffs- Game 1 was lights-out-get-the-hell-out-of-our-house stuff.
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Bryce Harper Hate

Hate him, hype him – Bryce Harper is backing it all up.
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Stanley Gonna Stanley

I’ll say this for the NBA playoffs thus far – it’s been sorta fun having Stan Van Gundy back in them.
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OC Tradition

If you take a quick glance at the NHL playoff scoreboard, there’s no need to click over and check your bank balance. It’s gonna just fine.
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