If you take a quick glance at the NHL playoff scoreboard, there’s no need to click over and check your bank balance. It’s gonna just fine.

Sure, I told you the Ducks were going to win the Stanley Cup. Sure, they’re down 0-2 in their opening series against Nashville. But have I let you down before? I’m not going to start panicking like the financial adviser who told all his clients to put their dough into a blue chip stock that suddenly has a massive scandal, corporate turnover and takes a nose dive. No, no. I’m still on the golf course with my phone off. My clients are going to be fine. What are we talking about here- a pair of 1-goal losses.

It’s not like Nashville is rolling them up 5-0. You know why I’m not worried? Because I know the Ducks aren’t worried. This is the team that had ONE WIN in their first 10 games to start the season. So they’re not gagging out just because they lost two games to start the series.

Sure, both of those games were at home. Getting fat, passive, and lazy while you lay around your huge house? That’s just an Orange County thing. They’re just following the local customs here.

And really, I’m actually more confident when the series goes to Nashville tomorrow night. Because I think the Ducks have been trying to do way too much in front of their home fans. Early in the playoffs at home, guys get caught up trying to put on a show. They try to make a 40 foot highlight pass instead of a 10-footer. They try to push the puck into the zone and end up turning it over. I don’t see The Ducks getting outplayed out there. I see them killing themselves with no discipline, bad penalties and really ugly turnovers.

And look – if there’s one other classic, OC tradition – it’s taking something ugly and making it beautiful. The Ducks just need some lip injections, some caps, some plugs, and some calf implants.

That’s no big deal. That’s out patient stuff in Orange Country. They have drive-thru lanes for nose jobs. It’s all good. The Ducks have a lot of playoff experience, they have a lot of leadership in Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, and most importantly they’ve got the Jim Rome lock – so don’t worry about your money.

My doggies will still come home, because they always have. And I have never missed on a NHL Postseason pick and I’m not about to start right now. That said- if the Ducks lose tomorrow night- lose my number.


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