I’ll say this for the NBA playoffs thus far – it’s been sorta fun having Stan Van Gundy back in them.

It’s been 4 years since Stanley coached a playoff team, and it took exactly one night for his patented brand of griping to show back up.


Stanley gonna Stanley.

You’re right coach- LeBron’s not going to get offensive fouls called on him. He barely gets defensive fouls called on him. It’s almost as if NBA refs might kind of be biased towards superstar players? Your biggest problem is that you don’t have any.

But at least Stanley has a take –  at least he did until he squatted into a backpedal after the game and said the refs did a good job. Shake the rust off, Stan. That’s weak.

You know what that is? That’s campaigning for calls during the game… but flip/flopping so you don’t get fined AFTER the game. Stay with your take. LeBron beat the hell out of Reggie Jackson and the refs did nothing. You know why? Yes, you do. “He gets to do whatever he wants.” And so can you.

You’re a made guy, Van Jeremy. You’ve been to the Finals. You’re not going to be here long. So give us the real you. Give us more of this from yesterday.

That’s’ my man. That’s basketball Tortorella. That takes me back to when SVG was in the playoffs ever year. When Shaq glossed him the Master of Panic.


When AJ Pierzynski glossed him Ron Jeremy.

And when Dwight Howard was actually funny and did his impression of his coach.


Those were the days. I like seeing Van Jeremy back in the playoffs. I wish it was with something better than whining about the refs and then backing off. You’ve only got 3-4 games to join us this year, Stanley. Quoting the guy you’re griping about- strive for greatness out here, Cuz.



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