Hour 1

NBA Playoffs Talk | Dwight The Champion’s Future | KD’s Night 


Hour 2

Salt Lake Caller Questions Moon Landing | Ryan The Moon Landing Protector Calls In


Hour 3

Conspiracy Theories | T. J. Oshie (NHL) Interview | Conor McGregor Tweet


T.J. Oshie

Washington Capitals forward on talks Stanley Cup Playoffs.


NBA Spring Game

Shouting out to Golden State’s travel agent: No need to book Steph Curry a window seat or a hotel suite in Houston.
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The Champ’s Last Days In Houston

Does anybody remember when the Rockets landed Dwight Howard, and they introduced him at the presser with McHale, Olajuwon, Yao, and Ralph Sampson?
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Carlisle Beats KD & Russ

I don’t know why Rick Carlisle’s name doesn’t get dropped into every single conversation about best coaches in the game. Really, of his era.
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Damn, KD

How bad did KD shoot? He tied 45 for most misses in a playoff game with 26.
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Rough Stop For Team Trump

I’m not going to tell you if I’d vote for Donald Trump or if I wouldn’t. It doesn’t belong on this show. But mix in a Rex Ryan appearance on the Trump trail and one of the worst misspeaks ever from the Donald himself, and there’s no way to ignore it.
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