While everybody’s jumping off the top turnbuckle to blast Kevin Durant for shooting the Thunder out of Game 2, let me at least take a second to credit Rick Carlisle for coaching the Mavs into it.

Dallas isn’t supposed to win that game. Not after getting blown out Game 1 by 38. Not when Deron Williams is banged up, JJ Barea is banged up, Carlisle’s down to his old warhorse Dirk and a 3rd string point guard who used to be known as Raymond Fatton. That crew just beat Kev & Russ in their building?! Hell yes they did. Because their coach is the same guy who rolled up Bron and the Heatles in the Finals.

I don’t know why Rick Carlisle’s name doesn’t get dropped into every single conversation about best coaches in the game. Really, of his era.

For some mouth breathers, Carlisle represents a reason to throw up yet another Pet Detective picture on Twitter whenever the Mavs are playing. Saying Carlisle looks like Jim Carrey is about a fresh as Jim Carrey. Stop going with the dumb joke that was never funny in the first place and educate yourself on what Carlisle has done. Just ask the Thunder about the dude.

You don’t go from winning by 38 to losing on your floor unless the other head coach made some moves. Coach went young with the Dallas lineup in Game 2, he ran double teams at KD, and you won’t see a guttier round 1 win. This series was supposed to be a sweep. Carlisle just beat two of the best players in the league by turning around his rings and rolling up his sleeves.

Go ahead and hit him with the Cable Guy. He just hit KD and Russ with the Crying Jordan.


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