Let me say it again – credit to Rick Carlisle and the Mavs for going brass. It’s not all about KD missing a bunch of shots. Stop making everything so negative all the time. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

That said – Damn, KD was freaking horrible last night. And his winger wasn’t much better. These guys shouldn’t combine to shoot 15-55 from half court.

Yes, gutty win for Coach Carlisle’s guys. But terrible loss for Coach Munster’s.

Because if they shoot 16-55, they’re up 2-0.

How bad was that loss? Biggest playoff upset in 20 years. Mavs were 14 points dogs.

How bad did KD shoot? He tied 45 for most misses in a playoff game with 26. That’s not the Mike number you want to run down.

And I never thought Kevin Durant would be the guy to do it. Melo? Sure. But a 4x scoring champ with a hair trigger and 14-foot wingspan? How you explain 26 bricks, K? “Just missed ’em. Just missed ’em.” 

Look, I get that shooters have to shoot. That no matter how bad a night they’re having, they expect the next one to go down. And that you have to just keep feeding them. But maybe, when that shooter is having the worst night shooting of his entire career, maybe, just maybe, you stop feeding him.

Maybe you let your coach draw up something for someone else. And then maybe, just maybe, you admit to yourself it wasn’t all Scott Brooks’ fault. And then hope beyond all hope, that when Brooks gets the Wizards’ gig, Kevin Durant doesn’t follow him there.

I get it. Even Hall of Famers have bad nights. And it’s not like it’s the first time we’ve seen Durant have a bad night in the postseason. Far from it. But that guy really can’t have that night. Never has before. And never can again. Because as busted up as the Mavs are, OKC probably still wins even with Durant’s D game. But they’re looking at one of the biggest upsets ever, if he shows up with another F.


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