Shouting out to Golden State’s travel agent: No need to book Steph Curry a window seat or a hotel suite in Houston. Because when that series goes to H-Town, Steph can stay right there in Oaktown.

The Warriors don’t need him to beat the Rockets. I don’t even think they need him to sweep the Rockets. Because the Rockets looked like they might take Game 2 for as many minutes as Steph Curry played. Zero.

That’s why the Warriors are almost unfair. How do you adjust to losing the league MVP, 30 points a night and the league’s deadliest shooter? By handing the keys to the Ferrari to the league’s SECOND deadliest shooter and watching Klay Thompson light em up for 34.

But someone still has to run the offense and get Klay the ball, right? Who’s supposed to do that? I don’t know- Shaun Livingston, a 6-7 point who casually shot 78% from the floor last night and is one of the best guys in the history of that league. Will that work? It all works.

You watch a few minutes of this series, and you start to think Steve Kerr should sit Steph even if he’s totally healthy. Rest his legs and sit Dray & Klay with them. Because it’s not really a “series.” It’s a scrimmage. It’s a shoot around. Not even my take. Andre Iguodala told a reporter, “It kind of feels like playing a scrimmage in practice.” Right.

Like, Game 2 was a NBA Spring Game. What the Rockets should really do is simulate San Antonio like they’re a Spurs Scout team. That’s the noble thing to do. Put a Duncan gamer on Dwight and make him shoot some bank shots. Teach Pat Beverley a French accent and he can play Tony Parker. If they’re not going to give San Antonio a series, at least give them a look.

All playing Steph would have done was wear on that ankle and let the Warriors win by 18 points instead of 9. Steve Kerr made the right call by sitting him. And if I’m him, I’m making it again. Because it’s not really about how bad his ankle’s feeling. It’s about how badly the Rockets are playing.

The question isn’t can Steph hit his shots or make his cuts. It’s should he even bother making the trip? Again, the Rockets should make the gentleman’s move and just offer to stay in town and finish out this 4-game scrimmage at Oracle.

They won’t. They’re going to make everybody get on a plane. I just wouldn’t bother taking Steph. He should stay home, get some work done on the ankle and get his rest. And the next 3 that Steph hits should be against the Clippers.


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