Once again, I’m not here to politicize. I’m not here to break down the election; or to tell you who I’m going to vote for or why. That’s not what they pay me to do, and that’s not what you tune in for. I’m not going to tell you if I’d vote for Donald Trump or if I wouldn’t. It doesn’t belong on this show.

But mix in a Rex Ryan appearance on the Trump trail and one of the worst misspeaks ever from the Donald himself, and there’s no way to ignore it.

Ignore it, and then I’m not DOING MY JOB.

A week after asking a Pennsylvania crowd “How’s Joe Paterno” – Donald Trump is dropping the name of another football coach. This time it’s one who’s actually still alive. The typically understated and publicity-shy Rex Ryan introduced Trump last night in Buffalo. And I’ll credit Rex for this-  he didn’t mess anything up. He left that to Trump, who took a moment to remember the terrible events of…7/11.


Don, again, mistakes happen on the campaign trail. But you don’t want to mix up one of the worst days in human history with the place you go to get a Slurpee.

7-11??? You were at Ground Zero for 7/11? Doing what- getting beef jerky? While you’re at it, go ahead and pay respects “3-11” – for giving us so many years of funky rhythms and rap-rock memories.

This sounds so backwards, but can we get Rex Ryan up there before something stupid gets said. Oh wait, make that Champion Rex Ryan, right Don.


Mr. Trump – if Rex won the AFC twice in New York, he’d still BE in New York. He’s not. He’s in Buffalo. Because the guy couldn’t even win the AFC EAST.

I know Rex carries himself like he’s won 5 Super Bowls. But he’s never even been to one.

And I know that Trump’s brand involves talking up everything around him like it’s the greatest thing on the planet… But last fall, Rex didn’t even have the second best team in his own division the only championships he’s ever won were in 2001 as a coordinator, and for most of the 90s as a competitive eater.

Rough, rough stop for Team Trump. Biggest shock was that Rex wasn’t the one to mess it up.

Couldn’t’ have gone worse if The Donald had asked “How’s Ralph Wilson?” But shake it off, Don, you’re on to the next stop, go pick up a hot cup of coffee and some lotto tix at the 9-11.



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