Info & Stats: Tennessee Titans Safety

All Topics: Feels good to be with Tennessee | Free agency | Free agency market | Always being an ‘overcomer’ | Arizona secondary | Tyrann Mathieu’s tweets | Loyalty | His father Randy battling cancer | His dad living close to Tennessee | God placing him in Tennessee | Playing with Dick Lebeau |

Apr 20th 2016

Rashad on what motivates him: “I think I’ve had a chip on my shoulder since Alabama.”

Jan 11th 2016

All Topics: NFL Playoffs | Green Bay this Saturday | Beating Green Bay a few weeks back gives them a lot of confidence | Getting a bye week | Team health | Life after football | Would like to coach high school football | Not getting voted to the Pro Bowl | Team success | National Championship Game tonight between Alabama – Clemson | Explains what makes Nick Saban different | Prediction | Alabama’s defensive front | Thinks Bama will win by 14 | Losing Tyrann Mathieu | AFC Wildcard Game | Minnesota’s Blair Walsh missing his kick vs. Seattle | Cincy vs. Pittsburgh ending |

Rasahd on how much Alabama will beat Clemson by in tonight’s National Championship: “14.”

Dec 1st 2015

All Topics: Barely beating San Francisco | Learning a lot from close wins | Defense not taking Monday off | Patrick Peterson wanting everyone to come in | Breaking tape yesterday | Reaction to Peterson calling the meeting | We understand we have a shot at winning the Super Bowl | Team depth | 4 ints this season | 11 interceptions since losing his finger | Teammates calling him Coach Saban | Tyrann Mathieu’s numbers | Best secondary in the game | How players approach interviews | His hometown of Sulligent, Alabama

Rashad on if they have the best secondary in the game: “I’d say yeah.”

Aug 19th 2015

All Topics: Using their 2014 Season as motivation | Health | Focused on improving his game | Team competition | Film room | Studying habits | His mind is his best asset | Wants to coach high school after he’s done playing| Wanting to impact young men | Walking on at Alabama | Chris Johnson signing | Johnsons still has that extra step in him

Rashad on his game: “My mind is my greatest asset.”

Oct 14th 2014

All Topics: His game vs. Washington | His mom being a psychic | His pick six | Coach Todd Bowles | Bowles being fired up at halftime | Bowles wanting us to compete better in the second half | Getting complacent during an NFL season | 1st place in the NFC West | His finger | Losing part of his finger last year during a game | Having five interceptions since losing his finger | Sulligent, Alabama | Small town

Rashad on his play vs. Washington: “Definitely my best NFL game.”

Sep 26th 2013

All Topics: Losing the tip of his finger on a punt return Sunday vs. New Orleans | Things are getting better | Explains the play | Taking his glove off and seeing his finger was missing | Can’t tell exactly at what point he lost his finger | Thought he just dislocated it at first | Wanting to tape his hand up and finish the half | The healing process | Trying to get back on the field to help his team | Man of faith | You can only handle the things you can control | Still a possibility he can play this weekend | How his teammates have responded to his injury | Him and Ronnie Lott belonging to a fraternity | Lott calling him | His background | Growing up in Sulligent, Alabama | Hard works pays off | His mom was pretty upset about him losing his finger tip | Scholarship offers coming out of high school | Walking on at Alabama | Nick Saban | His relationship with Nick | Nick’s praise of him

Rashad on losing the tip of his finger: “Probably the most excruciating pain I’ve had sense playing football.”


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