Quick message to the doubters, and a little something for all you chirpers. Ducks 3. Predators. Squat. Now what d’ya got?

For everybody who was loosing their bleep when the Ducks went down 0-2, here’s a suggestion for you. Why don’t you just pipe down and let the master do his job? My Ducks are going to be juuuuuuuusst fine. And so is the money you spent on them.

You people are the grippers who start blowing up your financial adviser when your portfolio dips .5 percent. Stop scrambling to transfer funds. Start paying attention.

The Ducks are shell shocked? They’re overconfident? Nashville has them out on their feet? There’s no way they’ll respond? Yeah – they responded by getting on a plane, and dominating the Preds on their ice.

Bruce Boudreau made a goalie change, put Frederik Andersen in there and dude was nails. Dude took a slap-shot from Shea Weber right off the head, they stopped the game, and he stayed in there for the shutout. Weber has the league’s hardest slapper. Didn’t matter. Because Rome has the league’s greatest record. Undefeated. The second I say it- – it becomes the SEX of NHL bets. Unbeatable.

And a bunch of you whiners want to cry because of a little 0-2 hole? I told you. This team starts slow. 1 win in their first 10 games. I’ve had 50,000 wins in my first 50,000 bets. I know what I’m doing.

The Ducks will keep winning. This dominant road shutout was just the beginning. I am to predicting hockey what Wayne Gretzky was to playing it – The Great One. Let me ask you this – Did I predict a sweep. No, I predicted a Cup. So to all my investors – until they officially get bounced, with all do respect-  Shutup. And ante up. Game 4 is Thursday. Just another win closer to pay day.


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