Hour 1

Conor McGregor’s Facebook Post | McGregor Reaction | Mike Freeman (NFL) Interview


Hour 2

Cleveland – Philly Trade | Carolina Allowing Josh Norman To Walk | R.I.P. Prince


Hour 3

Draymond Green (NBA) Interview | Prince Reaction | Jeff Fisher (NFL) Interview



Mike Freeman

Bleacher Report NFL writer on Josh Norman being a free agent: “He will get a lot of interest no question.”


Draymond Green

Golden State forward on his Warriors:This team has transcended the game.”


Jeff Fisher

Rams head coach on life in Los Angeles: “Everybody is getting settled.”


Part Of The Job, The Notorious

I don’t care if you’re a rock star, the President, or you work in a pet store. Everybody has parts of their job that they hate.
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Eagles Get Worked

I think the Eagles managed to get worked by the CLEVELAND BROWNS.
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Somehow, Josh Norman just broke up with the NFC Champions.
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Strive For Greatness Out There, Cuz

The NBA Playoffs just keep on being fannnnnnnntastic, as the Detroit Pistons showed up for a nice, tight 17 point loss to the Cavs.
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Great Hire

Greatest news during these NBA playoffs comes from a team that isn’t even in them.
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