Info & Stats: St. Louis Rams Head Coach

All Topics: Off-season | Official move to Los Angeles | Things are going good | Camp at UC Irvine | Javier’s run | Growing up in Los Angeles | Running through the Coliseum as head coach of the Rams | Trading with the Tennessee Titans for the #1 overall pick in the draft | Possible #1 overall selection | Hard Knocks | Hard Knocks wanting to capture their move from St. Louis

Apr 21st 2016

Jeff on life in Los Angeles: “Everybody is getting settled.”

Nov 5th 2015

All Topics: Todd Gurley’s play | Reasons why they drafted Gurley | Gurley being about 40 percent of their offense right now | Gurley is a team guy | What makes Gurley different | Teams’ defense | Overcoming injuries | Gregg Williams is doing a great job | Keys to beating with Minnesota | Young teams dealing with success | One at a time | Tackling | Nuances of tackling | Reaction to coaches losing their jobs | Knee jerk reactions

Jeff Fisher on Todd Gurley: “Team guy.”

May 1st 2015

All Topics: NFL Draft | Selecting Todd Gurley in the first round yesterday | Draft day | Setting their sights on Gurley | Zac Stacy requesting a trade? | Yikes tweet by Stacy | Think the days of the bell cow running back are over | Nick Foles trade | Chip Kelly | Dealing with Kelly is great | Their defensive line depth | Draft boards |

Jeff Fisher on Todd Gurley: “He’s a difference maker.”

May 9th 2014

All Topics: NFL Draft | Having 12 picks in this draft | Selecting Greg Robinson and Aaron Donald in the first round last night | NFC West | Physical play in the trenches | Being right in the middle of the draft | Johnny Manziel | Manziel being a really good football player | Sam Bradford is their quarterback | Bradford’s injury | His history of not taking offensive lineman in the first round | Calling Greg Robinson |

Jeff on Draft day: “It’s like Sunday’s.”

Apr 26th 2013

All Topics: NFL Draft | A lot of moving parts this year | Moving up to No. 8 and selecting Tavon Austin | Needing Austin | Austin’s speed and toughness | Austin is dynamic | Austin’s size | Sam Bradford | Bradford can find a small receiver | Alec Ogletree | Ogletree was a top 15 talent on their board | Alec making a lot of bone headed decisions | Couple picks in the 3rd tonight | Feel really good about where they’re at | Smoke screens of the Draft | The War Room | Preparation

Jeff on trading up to select West Virginia’s Tavon Austin: “He’s a guy we needed for our offense.”

Mar 26th 2013

All Topics: Crown of the helmet rule | Explains the rule | Overreaction to the helmet rule | Eddie George calling him about the rule | The bottom line is we’re trying to protect the players from themselves | Enforcing the rule by refs | The physical game of football | His Rams | It’s a lot of fun to be back in the NFL | Wasn’t surprised Steven Jackson signed with Atlanta | No hard feelings with Jackson | Steven as a person | Vince Young showing up at a Texas pro day | Vince sending him a letter |

Jeff on if they were was surprised Steven Jackson signed with Atlanta: “No, we weren’t at all.”

Dec 07, 2012:

Jeff’s take on Cortland Finnegan: “He’s a little guy that has that survival mentality.”

Jan 19, 2012:

Jeff on why he chose to coach the St. Louis Rams: “I was impressed with Mr. Kroenke’s vision.”

Nov 10, 2010:

Topics: Any reservations about bringing in Randy Moss | Fresh start for Moss | Impressed with him | Questions he asked Moss | Told him the past is the past | Who benefits the most from his arrival | Titans leading the league in scoring, without him | Timing works out well, with losing Kenny Britt to injury | How long will it take Moss to get up to speed | Off to a good start so far | No feeling of risk by bringing him in | Checking in personally on Kenny Britt’s situation | Chances of having Randy Moss for next year

Jul 30, 2010:

Topics: Training camp opening and ready for 1st practice tomorrow | Albert Haynesworth failing his test | How he will react to being singled out | Shanahan does things his way | Haynesworth is the one who made the decision not to be at workouts | Lawsuit against Lane Kiffin | Professional approach | Titans deserved a phone call | If Lane had asked permission | Vince Young dodged a bullet from Roger Goodell | Wrong place, wrong time for VY | He apologized to the team | Mood of Chris Johnson | Finished healthy last year | Great character guys and leaders | How to replace them when they leave


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