Somehow, Josh Norman just broke up with the NFC Champions. In a shocking move, the Panthers rescinded Norman’s franchise tag and let him hit the market.

It’s like the dime piece with the rich dad who breaks up with her fiancé out of nowhere and every dude is scrambling to buy her a Cosmo. Those were NFL GM’s yesterday, lazily refreshing Twitter, doing their draft prep on a Wednesday… then they see one of the pillars of the Panthers’ Super Bowl run is just hanging around waiting for someone to pay him. Because apparently the Panthers weren’t doing it.

The team said they were too far apart on a long term deal for Norman, so see ya.

Norman himself said shortly after it went down…”Man, I just don’t feel like talking about it right now.”   

Uh yeah, maybe because he lost the 14mill he was going to make this year under the tag and a chance to stay on a team he loved.

Norman’s a good quote, he’s always got a little something to say, but it sounds like team Norman overplayed their hand. They were reportedly looking for Revis money. C’mon. Revis money is also – stupid money. Especially in a system that’s built on pass rushers and linebackers. And especially for a guy who went the last 15 straight games w/o a pick.

There’s one guy on that D who deserves Revis money – it’s Luke Kuechly and he’s already getting it.

Norman’s a very good player, but he’s not as good as his agent thinks he is. And obviously the Panthers don’t think he’s good enough to keep for that kinda cheese.

I think fellow corner Pat Peterson just put it perfectly with the sub tweeet of the century. “Know your worth”.

After SYM, I think KYW is some of the best advice a dude can get.

Josh Norman is gonna get paid. He’s gonna get those Cosmos, the limos, the diamonds. But he just negotiated his way off the NFC Champions. He’ll get his paper, but he’s going to have to get it as a Titan, Bear or Raider.

My man I wouldn’t’ feel like talking right now either.


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