The NBA Playoffs just keep on being fannnnnnnntastic, as the Detroit Pistons showed up for a nice, tight 17 point loss to the Cavs. That was just one link in the clean sweep of double digit roll-overs from the Association last night.

But I’m digging Pistons-Cavs now because at least we’re getting some history. I think we’re seeing the first time ever that a teenage rookie, down 0-2, is talking junk to a future Hall of Famer.

Pistons rook Stanley Johnson says he’s currently leasing a fat, 3 bedroom condo inside LeBron’s head. “I’m definitely in his head. That’s for sure… He’s had a couple great nights. He made a couple tough-ass shots.”

He did, my man. In fact he made several. He was 12-for-18. He was 6-for-6 when you were guarding him! The Cavs won both games.

Look… I love that you’re not afraid. And that you have a take. I just don’t really understand what it is.

Asked why he’s not afraid of LeBron, Stanley said “Why would I be? He laces his shoes up the same way I lace my shoes up.”

Difference is-  his shoes have his name on them. Because he’s won a lot of playoff series, he’s halfway towards another one, and you’ve never even played in one.

I love that Stanley has some dog in him, I’m the last guy who’s going to tell a guy not to talk some junk. But he just needs a little coaching. Everybody wants to mock this guy. I want to help him. I’d say I wish I could sit him down and buy him a beer, but he’s not old enough to drink one. So here’s what I would say to the 19-year old- you gotta win a game before you’re allowed to have LeBron’s name in your mouth. You’ve gotta at least make things hard for him. Dude’s in cruise control out there. I mean, way back in the day before you were born, a guy named Gerald Wilkins glossed himself The Jordan Stopper in the middle of being swept out of the playoffs by Jordan. LeBron can be a headcase. You probably CAN get inside his head. But you can’t move into that condo until you actually win something first.

That’s the way it works. You can’t move in your furniture and set up shop – if you didn’t even make him miss a single shot. I see a lot of potential in you Stanley. Keep grinding, keeping talking, and I hate to say it – but strive for greatness out there, Cuz.


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