You want strange? It’s not that Jake Arrieta didn’t allow a hit. That’s actually not strange at all. That happens all the time now.

What’s strange is that the Rockets actually beat the Warriors and won a game last night. You probably didn’t watch it. But I can promise you, Houston really did win that game.

Strangest of all – the shot of the Rockets bench when James Harden hit that game-winner.


It was like they were actually disappointed it went in.

If I didn’t know better- I’d think that Dwight and the fellas were bent because now they’re going to gave to jump on Expedia and pay some change-fees to push their vacations back a couple days.

Seriously- Dwight looked like Harden’s knees just buckled and he went down with a horrible injury. I thought the big man was going to lead a prayer on the bench with his teammates.

Personally- I give the Rockets a golf clap. Good job, good effort. It’s just too bad it didn’t come a little sooner and maybe they’d actually have a shot at making this a decent series. The Beard went to work and got 35. Where was that aggressor in Game 1 when his team scored 78 and he didn’t get to the line a single time? And did I really see… was that… Michael Beasley playing clutch minutes and hitting big free throws?! Dude was playing in China just 2 months ago! I’m just not going to start doing backflips for the Rockets. They won in the final seconds, at home, against a team without it’s best player, who’s second best scorer Klay Thompson shot 0-7 from three, alongside Draymond Green who admitted he was horrible and tried to blame the loss on himself.

Nice win. I guess. But all it does is prolong the inevitable and push their vacation back. It just puts you 5 days from vacation, and 2 more losses for Dwight’s second straight championship.

Aloha, big man.


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