3-time National League CY Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw debuted his newest pitch during yesterday afternoon’s Los Angeles Dodgers game. While facing Atlanta Braves catcher Tyler Flowers, Kershaw tried to sneak a 46 mph pitch past him and today he joined The Jim Rome Show and talked about how that pitch came to be.

“It’s a little scary when you can just kind of watch it go all the way there, because you’re trying to duck for cover at that point,” Kershaw said laughing about the errant throw that has gone viral online. “But there’s been actually some guys that have had some success doing it, so you never know.”

Kershaw explained exactly how a pitch that slow happened in an actual game.

“Tyler was taking a little long getting in the box, so I was going to try and quick pitch him. Make sure he wasn’t going to be ready, and I was going try and sneak a fastball by him just to get strike one,” Kershaw said. “I got what I wanted. He kind of hurried up to get in the box, but he ended up getting ready really fast in the middle of my windup. I was like, oh my gosh, he’s actually ready. So I just didn’t want to throw a fastball down the middle and so anyway I just kind of gave up, just kind of lobbed it in there. I was like I’ll try again next pitch.”

Joking aside, Kershaw also talked about new manager Dave Roberts. The Dodgers ace said the former big leaguer has been great so far in this early season.

“Everybody talks about his energy and positivity and everything like that, and it really is true,” Kershaw said. “It’s like he sees you for the first time in the day, and acts like he hasn’t seen you in two years. It’s just tough to beat that enthusiasm every single day, but it’s pretty fun to play for, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far.”

The 5-time All-Star also sees a stern side that a skipper needs in the easy-going Roberts.

“There’s an edge about him. When times are tough, and we’re not playing well, I think he can give us that swift kick that we need too. He has that good balance,” Kershaw said. “When we need a little edge, a little aggregation, a little intensity, he’s got that too, for sure.”

Last night Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta threw his 2nd no-hitter in his last 11 starts. Since the Dodgers had already completed an east coast afternoon game earlier in the day, Kershaw was able to watch the end of the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner’s performance.

“Jake’s really good. It’s kind of an understatement,” Kershaw said. “I don’t have anything to say other than he’s really good, and it’s not really surprising he threw another one. Just it’s pretty impressive, that whole team is really good, so it’s going to be fun to play them at some point.”


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