Did Washington hire Scott Brooks because they thought bringing him in would also get them Kevin Durant? Of course not. You don’t take that big of a swing and pay a guy $7 million bucks a year on the off chance he can talk Kevin Durant into coming home.

What if he doesn’t come? Then you’re on the hook for $7 mill a year for a guy who didn’t necessarily want, who can’t necessarily coach? Absurd.

Brooks is the guy they wanted, and he absolutely can coach. Says here, he didn’t just roll the basketball out for KD, and Russ in OKC. Says here he did a helluva job there, coaching those two and everyone else he had.

$7 mill a year is pretty hellified jack, but that’s the going rate for a top NBA coach: and that’s what Brooks is.

As far as Durant, he’s not going to Washington simply because Brooks is there: no NBA player is signing somewhere just to play for a certain coach. It’s a part of the equation, sure. But that’s it.

Where do you NBA free agents go? They go to where they can get paid… where they can get minutes… where they can win… where they can ball with their boys… and to a team that has a coach they want to play for. And not necessarily in that order.

Scott Brooks certainly checks one of Durant’s boxes. Question, do the Wizards check enough of them overall for him to bounce. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not.

Regardless, this is a good hire by Washington. They’re getting an excellent coach, took a big swing to get him, and obviously, are doing everything they can to try to lure Durant back home. Maybe, maybe it works. But whether he comes or not, I really, really like that hire for the Wizards.


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