Well, well, well. Just perusing some scores from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Let’s see here… The Red Wings are done. The Rangers get embarrassed in the Garden. The Blackhawks are so hard to kill… And my Ducks are just settling right into cruise control while your bookie is getting ready to make it rain.

It makes me wonder, what have I done to you – to deserve so little faith? All of you chirpers who were buzzing in my ear about the Ducks dropping the first two games, at home, against Nashville – why would you be so quick to jump me, when all I’ve ever done is make you money? They lost the first two games? Okay. Game 3: 3-nothing. Win. Game 4: 4-1. Win.  Like it was nothing.

Are you calming down now? Are you backing away from the ledge now? Because I was never even on the ledge. I was on the beach. I was on a boat. That’s what you do when you’re not tripping.

Let me tell you something – I don’t’ care if the Ducks were down to Nashville 3-games to none, and all three losses were 10-nothing. I don’t blink. And watching them go into the Predators house – neither do they.

Look, if I was the kind of guy who got nervous about my predictions, I’d say I wish the Ducks would just stay down there. Petition the league to allow them to play the rest of the series in the Preds’ house. That they just to play tighter in front of their own fans and looser on the road. But I’m not nervous. And with their backs to the wall, in a must win situation, in a hostile environment, never were they. Two straight beatdowns in the other guy’s house and they’ve got their swagger back.

I never lost mine. And they look totally different on the ice and between the pipes. The goalie change after Game 2 has been perfect, 30 saves for Frederick Anderson last night. And no, I’m not going to give him another save for supposedly saving this series. Because it was never in danger. None of my predictions are.

And here’s one more prediction: I predict that all you tweeters making your jokes about me being wrong… You won’t be circling back to apologize when you find out I was right. Awfully quiet from y’all this morning. And it’s just gonna get quieter. Some teams need their noses bloodied before they’re ready to fight. The Ducks took two quick shots to their beaks, and haven’t looked back. I’ve never been more confident. And if you bet money on my guys, you can already start counting it. No need to thank me, although I definitely deserve it.


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