The Eagles swung that huge trade because they badly wanted to move up in the draft. So now Sam Bradford badly want to move out of the city.

According to ESPN, the team has been informed that Bradford will no longer show up for their off-season program, and that he is demanding to be traded by the Eagles.

Okay Samuel. And I’m demanding that I get signed by the Eagles. They won’t listen to me either.

And Sam Bradford shouldn’t be demanding anything. All he’s done in Philly, is all he’s done for his whole career –  Make huge bank, play decent, get injured, repeat. It’s his brand.

The Eagles just signed the guy to an extension. He’s due 22 million in guarantees. And he wants to beat it out of town because he’s going to have to compete with a rookie? Sam – you act like the team just landed a trade for Cam Newton. You’re still going to make your money. And with that money – you’re still going to be the starter. You really don’t think you can beat out Carson Wentz or Jared Goff?

Per ESPN, last week Bradford was “mad and wants to show everyone who’s best.” Either that, or wants to beat it out of town because he doesn’t think he can.

Look I get it- that was a crazy trade they made. I said it myself. And Bradford should be confused. He should be mad. And then he should look at this bank balance and ball up to go keep his job from some rookie. They don’t owe you a trade. They don’t owe you a job that you don’t’ have to fight for. The only thing anybody owes you is MONEY. Take it. Earn it. Because the Eagles should start “demanding” that you play like you’re worth it.


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