This just in: an appeals court rules Tom Brady must serve a four-game Deflategate suspension. He’ll miss the first four games of the 2017 season.

Did anyone really think this was over? That it wouldn’t come back.

Deflategate is a zombie. It’s the walking dead. It can’t be killed. No one is safe. Nor can you do anything to save yourself.

Houseboats… A panic room… heading north to the cold… securing your stronghold, loading up on weapons and praying… none of those things will keep you safe and clear of Deflategate. You can’t kill it. It wasn’t a matter of if it would rear its ugly head, but when. And it did.

Question is, is this it. Or is there still more. Will it ever end. You know the Patriots aren’t just going to say we respect the decision and the office of the Commissioner and we’re just going to roll with it. No this could go on forever.

The Pats will probably just keep appealing the appeals until 2049 when Brady is dead, the Patriots have moved to London and football is not longer a sport.

Hopefully, this is the end of this. Finally. But I doubt it.


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