How’d you roll out of the rack this morning? How’d you start your week? Personally, walked over to the iPhone, flicked off the alarm clock, tapped Twitter like a true addict and got punched in the face by Conor McGregor.

I guess dude is tweeting on Iceland time, because in the middle of the night – he tagged the one-week soap opera he’s been writing with a surprise ending. “Happy to announce that I am BACK on UFC 200! Shout out to @danawhite and @lorenzofertitta on getting this one done for the fans. #Respect”

What a ride. In the span of 6 days… The Notorious has “retired”…been ripped off the UFC 200 card… Went in on Facebook saying he deserves special treatment regarding promotion… then seemed to drop a rap on twitter “I’ve got my bills paid. My money made. And the entire game slayed.”… And now he’s going John Wick and saying ‘Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back.’

And cue the conspiracy chirpers who have called this out as a stunt from the start. And the hecklers say he just tapped out Dana White and won a game of chicken with the company.

For me – I need to HEAR from the company. I need confirmation from Dana White. I can’t just run with a tweet that the fight’s back on from the same guy who said he was retiring just last Tuesday.

The build-up to UFC 200 has been more entertaining than most sporting events. Conor should put his timeline on pay per view. And knowing him – he’ll try.

Ironically, for someone who has no interest in promoting the fight, he has done a masterful job of promoting the fight. All from his phone no less. Which is essentially his point; I’ve already done enough for this company in the way of promotion, and I can still do all that needs to be with a tweet or two, instead of getting on a plane, flying across the country and doing a bunch of lame interviews and morning shows.

This dude isn’t just a great fighter, he’s becoming the ultimate puppet master.

Still, I would just pump the breaks on throwing down cash to see him on that card. You don’t know if he’s fighting at UFC 200.

Maybe he is. I hope he is. Especially given how disappointing Jon Jones was Saturday night. But I’ll believe it when I hear it from Dana White. I can’t say the Notorious has the game slayed, until I hear from the man who invented it. I hope.

But I’ll say it again; they need each other, but Conor still needs Dana worse. UFC 200 is not as good without Conor; it just isn’t. But Jones v. Cormier, provided they’re both ready, is still a great headliner.

And as important as Conor is to the UFC, where is he going to go to get that kind of money and run without them? Nowhere, it’s impossible. He was obviously lying when he said he was retired. Let’s hope he’s not again, now that he’s saying he’s in for UFC 200.


It’s Refresh Monday.


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