Hot damn! How about them Clippers? For a franchise that’s been through hell over the decades- things are suddenly looking pretty sweet.

All the hard times they’ve endured -Michael Olowokandi, Bigotron, Last year’s choke against the Rockets, clones calling GM Elgin Baylor to remind him the NBA draft was that night – it’s all in the past.

Right here in the present they’re set up nice and fat with a 2-1 series lead over Portland, and a pending show-down against the Warriors who’ll be without Steph Curry for at least a couple weeks.

Say it with me Clipper, bros: Turn up! Love you Guys! Awesome!! Now say this with me: EHHHHHHHHHH. Turn down. Hate you guys. Awful.  Chris Paul’s paw: BROKEN. Blake Griffin’s quad: BUSTED UP. Series Lead: OBLITERATED.

According to ESPN… Chris Paul – will not be joining us… For the rest of the playoffs.” He fractured his right hand in last night’s loss and according to team sources, will likely need surgery.

Normally I’d say this is not a take… But that sucks, Clips fan.

Guess you can still get the ball to Griff though, work the offense through that beast and let him make amends for the most embarrassing year of his life by putting the franchise on his back, right? Nah – he can’t carry the Clippers in Game 5 if he doesn’t even play. Griff came out of the game after aggravating his same quad injury, and spent most of his bench time massaging his leg trying to get it right. Give yourself all the deep tish you want, Griff… Doc only gives you a 50/50 shot of playing in the swing game at Staples tomorrow.

Wish I could give them the same chance for winning this series. But I can’t. Not with their floor general out, their supposed franchise player gimpy, and JJ Reddick not right with a heel injury.

Anything else? Doc didn’t rip his Achilles on the sideline? Clipper Darrell didn’t have a heart attack? Thing is – The Clippers were getting outplayed by Portland last night before the injuries even happened. I’m not even sure they would have won this series fully healthy.

Look you know me, I don’t believe in childish BS like jinxes and curses. But it’s hard not to believe this – Clips gonna Clip. Just saying.

In about 24 hours… With the Steph injury and the series lead… The Clippers went from looking like they had a good look at the Conference Finals, to only a coin flip’s chance of even getting out of the first round… For a franchise that’s had years of horrible disappointments, that was one of their worst nights. Losing CP3 is the biggest blow to this franchise since the reign of the Silly Rabbit.


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